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1. What is SolStruction® 

SolStruction® began as a thesis project at MIT. It is now a company providing the building industry with a brand new type of construction material that generates electricity.   

2. How are your products different from other solar products?

Unlike solar products on the market now which have high installation costs, our products seamlessly integrate with typical construction methods, allowing for a much more efficient and cost effective installation process.   

3. What are the benefits of using your products?

Wide scale adoption of renewable energy technologies is a critical component in decreasing the negative impacts of climate change. Our products provide a clean and cost effective energy solution for a wide variety of project types in varying environments. 

4. Have you built working prototypes or a proof of concept?

Yes. We have successfully built a Solar Masonry wall prototype in Andover, MA. It is currently producing energy. We have also built a Solar Siding panel prototype. 

5. Are your products patented?

Yes. We have four issued patents. 

6. What is the company working on now?

We are in the process of developing strategic partnerships with companies and investors.  

Frequently Asked Questions


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